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About the Campaign

we launched this campaign as a way to give every person an opportunity to be part of  our Conservation efforts. Africa nomads Conservation was started by three university students at the age of 22 years on 2013 after a lot has happened both to our wildlife and the whole ecosystem at large as a result of drought of 2009 which contributed to great destruction of our Environment giving rise to high number of death of wildlife as been poached some for bush meat and Elephants poached for their ivory.

Having given out our life towards this program, we felt that you too might be part of  this.

How can you make change

With this campaign, we challenge you to make a contribution equivalent to your age as a donation towards our program. We might not be able to be on ground everyone but you can play a role to support those on ground. your Age matters a lot as you might not have a chance in life time to do something towards our motherly planet but with this campaign, we incorporate your contribution towards making a safe planet through curbing all environmental crimes.

What the campaign aim to achieve

By 2016, we were able to establish  an undercover program covering 111 km along the Kenya Tanzania boarder with personnel who constantly monitor and report any act of poaching happening as well reduce these crimes from happening.

With this Campaign, we need to facilitate these personnel with needed equipment which will aid  on their operation as well as facilitate other conservation programs run by the foundation.

Help us raise  $100,000 by the end of the 2017

In our work, we never forget that in spirit, our natural legacy belongs not only to Kenyans, but to humanity as a whole. In conserving and protecting, we take pride in knowing that we undertake a most sensitive task but one with greater ramifications for this nation, continent and the world.

Please show your commitment to saving Africa’s wildlife today. We must continue to fight for the life of every elephant and each rhino and other precious species are shot. Your support cannot arrive too soon… but it can arrive too late.

Your gift today will go directly to work helping us protect some of Africa’s rarest species. Plus, you will support our efforts to empower the people of Africa with the tools to lead in conserving their natural heritage.

Dontaions Needed

$ 1000!

Collected Donations

$ 821!