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Africa Nomads conservation is located along Amboseli Ecosystem In Loitokitok town.The area is cover with the Masai as the original community though the communities around are mixed from several region doing farming.

The area is in the middle between Amboseli National Park and Kenya Tanzania boarder with proximity of about three kilometers between the town countries

Amboseli nation park is the house of about 1900 on average of elephants population. Despite the fact that park is big of about 395 kilometer square, the carrying capacity of the park can not accommodate all the animal species around and therefore Elephants and other animals are forced to move out of the park and interact with the community outside the park.

Most of the animals migration corridors are within the community and in some instance cases of human wildlife conflict are inevitable.

The margin of the boarder( Kenya/Tanzania boarder) along the Amboseli National park covers at least 100km squares though there is an extension of 11km starting from Tsavo East completing an average margin of 111km through which creates an easy transits of both wildlife and wildlife product between the two countries.

Africa Nomads conservation works towards fostering the elephant security as well as other animals along this track of the boarder between the two nations. It has been witnessed and came to our understanding that the same track of the boarder is been used as the transit route of the wildlife products.

Africa Nomads Conservation is on track monitoring these crimes from happening as well as tracing down the network of poachers on the same. We have been also on the front line towards Quick reactions and mitigating cases associated with Human wildlife conflict along the farming zone until when the permanent solution will be available.

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