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The collection of environmental protection marks a growing acceptance by the international community of the importance of the biosphere. Underpinning most international organizations and international agreements is the support for state sovereignty. Under the Westphalia system of states, sovereignty is crucial to the maintenance of global peace and stability. To this end, the United Nations


Nairobi (AFP) – A court in Tanzania on Friday charged eight people with the murder of renowned conservationist Wayne Lotter who was shot dead in Dar es Salaam in August. The eight individuals were charged with murder and conspiracy to murder, according to court documents seen by AFP. Lotter, a 51-year-old South African conservationist, was

You don’t know what a pangolin is? You would not recognise one even if it bit you or licked you with its prehensile tongue?

As we get older we human beings are capable of all manner of self-deception. We go under the knife in the hope of looking younger. We take pills and potions of dubious efficacity. But in the annals of human folly there is surely nothing more delusional than the belief still prevalent in large parts of

Kenya Wildlife Service must look within to stop poaching

An internal investigation by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) revealed in 2013 that poaching and illegal trafficking of ivory had assumed an internal dimension, driven by some current and former staff members. The report of the Fact-Finding Committee on Wildlife Security contains details on how the Service’s own employees were colluding with poachers to kill

Large Pod Of Pilot Whales Slaughtered In Brutal Grind In The Faroe Islands

This morning ( 7/06/2015), at approximately 0840 local time, a large pod of pilot whales was slaughtered in the first grindadráp (grind) of the year, on the island of Vágar in the northwest of the Faroe Islands archipelago. While official kill figures are yet to be released, estimates from the grindmaster indicate that as many

President Kenyatta declares total war against the high priests of ivory smuggling

President Uhuru Kenyatta has put on notice those suspected to be trafficking ivory; from police officers to custom officials. His warning to clamp down hard on them comes as Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery revealed that the three tonnes of ivory seized in Thailand and that originated from Kenya, was used to fund MRC activities