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Africa Nomads Conservation is Environmental conservation organization based in Kenya with focus to monitor Wildlife crimes as well as control Environmental crimes.

Once numbering in the millions, Africa’s elephant population has plummeted to 500,000 or less as poachers kill tens of thousands for their tusks every year. The global illegal ivory trade, increasingly dominated by organized criminal syndicates and militant groups, is at its highest level in two decades.

Populations of one subspecies, the African forest elephant, have declined 76 per cent since 2002. At this rate, the forest elephant could be extinct in a decade. But it is not just the eye-catching numbers that are escalating; poaching tactics, too, have reached a new level of violence.It is estimated that in 2011, approximately 7.4 per cent of the total elephant populations in elephant sites across Africa were killed illegally. These sites represent 40 per cent of the total African elephant population which means that 17,000 elephants were killed in these sites alone. Illegal ivory trade activity worldwide continues its relentless path. From 2000 through 2013, large-scale illicit ivory shipments have steadily grown, with 2013 representing a 20 per cent increase over the previous peak year in 2011.

Elephant poaching has reached record levels across Africa. The killings exceed their reproductive replacement rate, putting Africa’s wild elephants at risk of local extinction. In recent years, the poaching of African elephants has reached record levels. The global illegal ivory trade has more than doubled since just 2007. Raw ivory is said to fetch a price of more than $1,300 per pound due to a sharp rise in demand from Asia, particularly among consumers in China and Thailand.In 2009, this was our starting point after several species were swept out by drought in various regions of Kenya as well as some species used as bush meat.

Today, Africa Nomads conservation stands out against any act that might violate our endangered species in Africa.Our efforts come in through establishing security networks in and out the park as well as trans-boundary between Kenya and Tanzania in North Amboseli.

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